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With a wide variety of fencing options available at Sylvan’s Iron Works, you may feel overwhelmed in choosing the ideal fence for your home. Installing the right fence not only adds security and privacy to your home but also increases the value of your property. That’s why it’s helpful to know the durability of the fence before deciding on it for your home or business.
Although wood is an attractive and affordable fencing option, it deteriorates, fades, and does not last for a long term, especially during winter in Vancouver. On the other hand, a metal fence is a sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting option. So, if you are considering fence installation for the first time or replacing an existing fence, here are the top-rated metal fence materials that we highly recommend to all of our customers.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

The wrought iron fence is one of the strongest and long-lasting metal fences that have been used for centuries. Wrought iron fencing offered by Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc. are popularly known for its elegance and beauty. Wrought iron fencing is the most ornate of all metal fencing. It is a suitable fencing option for vintage and retro-style homes, featuring a classic design with wide spaces that beautifully display landscapes and gardens. Wrought iron is indestructible, which is why it is a pest-resistant option, enduring the most extreme elements. If you are looking for a cost-effective fencing option that can increase the value of your property, you won’t find a more suitable option for a long-term investment.)

Metal Fence Can Take Your Home to Next Level!

Metal Fencing in Vancouver is particularly advantageous because it is visually appealing and matches all types of home design. Aluminum, iron, and galvanized steel – all the metal fencing options go well with both urban and rural settings. The ornamental features of metal fences feature extra elegance that gives the entire property a Victorian feel. Metal fences are specifically designed to remain free of maintenance and rust. Unlike wooden fences that degrade faster under adverse weather conditions, metal fences withstand harsh climates as well as infestation by various insects. Steel and aluminum are valuable metals that are widely used in various industries. Thus, the metal in your fence can be recycled if you ever decide to make changes to your property. As a result, choosing a metallic fence over a wooden one is an environment-friendly decision.

Metal fencing Vancouver

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With over 35 years of experience in the ironworks industry, we have been delivering superior quality products, all custom designed based on our customer’s needs. Here at Sylvan, we are proud to focus on producing and delivering industry-leading standards. With high-quality work and professionalism, we are committed to transforming your home into a piece of beauty and warmth. Shopping at our store ensures that once installed, your product will be closely inspected in case of any possible future scratches or burns. Apart from the metal fence, we offer an extensive range of premium quality balconies, stair railings, driveway metal gates, furniture, etc., in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley, South Surrey, White Rock, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, BC area, and several other regions.

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