Wine Cellar Gates

Wine Cellar Gates really give a wine cellar a finished look. We are able to create grape clusters with leaves and vines. Again, every Scroll is custom-made to fit in that Gate, so it will not look as if someone had been trying to fill a space with some out-of-scale scrolls.


When we lay out a gate to make a particular design, the pattern is drawn up full-scale and each piece will be forged to fit exactly. Wether you want a paint finish, polish finish, or faux finish, we are capable of fulfilling your design ideas. For the past 26 years, Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works has been working with many architects and with some of the best designers in Greater Vancouver. An interesting and appealing aspect is that for most of the Wine Cellar Gates, we use a unique locking device: we will forge a handle and use magnetic locks so all you have to do is to push, in order to close, and to pull, in order to open. When we install these Gates, we do it in such a way as for the Gates to be removed easily, by simply pulling the pins of the Gates, as for example, if you wish to repaint the room or to replace wine racks.

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