Wrought Iron Furniture

We strive to provide you with the highest quality Craftsmanship, excellent customer service and exceptional value. We offer competitive pricing and can work within your budget. Our craftsmanship in Wrought Iron Furniture makes us stand out from among competitors and be rated second-to-none.


Our goal is to keep our customers completely satisfied, as we strive to give them more than what they paid for. Whether Wrought Iron Tables or Wrought Iron Chairs, we can design furniture for you or you can describe what you would like or show us a photo or drawing that appealed to you. When we fabricate Wrought Iron Table, the grinding and finishing methods are a little different from those applied to railings. The welded joints have to be flawless, with perfectly smooth joints. (Worth mentioning again: Wrought Iron does not mean rough iron.)


Our prices are reasonable but you won’t get a Custom Wrought Iron Table for the same cost as a mass-produced one that you would find in a store, because anything that is custom-made will cost more than something that is mass-produced. We also always add levelers to the legs, so if your floor is uneven, you can adjust the legs accordingly.  Any type of tops – like glass, stone, wood, tile or metal – can be added to our Wrought Iron Coffee Tables. Quite often, we have been asked to make a Metal Custom Computer Desk, because a room can be quite small or quite big.


If you desire to have a specific color of your own choice, just bring in a color code and we will match it. A Wrought Iron Console that sits at the foot of the bed makes a Bedroom look quite trendy, also allowing extra pillows to be displayed. Wrought Iron Table or Candelabras, that we can make of any height or size, according to your needs, can be placed anywhere in the house. No job is too small or too big for us. We, at Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc. realize that whatever customers want is important to them and we are here to fulfill their dreams. Feel free to dream it and we will make it; if we cannot make it in Wrought Iron that means it can’t be done. Wrought Iron Furniture such as a wrought iron table, chair, or console might be a dream for you, but it becomes a passion matter for us, while turning it into a piece of Art. Customers who come into our Shop always comment on how happy everyone working there looks.


From a very young age, working as a Lead Hand and later as a Supervisor, at Caribbean Steel Mills, Sylvan realized that when people are happy, they are more productive and deliver a better-quality product. At Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc., we believe that everything has energy and that when we produce something it should always be made in a peaceful state of mind, so when you take it into your home, you will sense peacefulness and harmony. We whole-heartedly promise you that.

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