About Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc

Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc. was founded in Vancouver, BC, in 1993. The following period of 35 years of work in the steel industry has allowed Sylvan to proudly boast himself as a true Master Craftsman.

At the age of 17, Sylvan started working at The Caribbean Steel Mills, in Trinidad and Tobago. He was soon promoted to lead-hand, and a couple of years later became the Supervisor of 36 men working on his shift. Five years later, Sylvan was promoted to the position of Steel Roller, responsible for running the mill and ensuring proper quality control.

Some “secrets” of the trade: Steel rolling is the making of steel rods which are used for Ornamental Wrought Iron and construction. When the steel is heated, hammered and worked, it becomes Wrought Iron. The billets, or blocks of steel which are 4 feet long and 4 inches square, are heated to 1200 degrees. The steel is then rolled through the machines or rollers to reduce its thickness and be lengthened; with each pass through the rollers, the steel would be reduced in thickness and extended in lengths of 100 feet. In order to keep the rollers cool, there is a constant flow of water through these rollers or machines. When the steel cools off, a thin layer of scale is formed on the steel rods. Oxygen is trapped under this scale and that’s what would make steel rust even after painting.

At Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc., we remove the scales by grinding, polishing and sealing every weld joint. All weld joints are ground to a smooth, even finish; then, an industrial primer and two coats of industrial paint are applied, to ensure years of rust-free wrought iron. Some people may think wrought iron means rough iron, which is not true, whether it is a Driveway Gate, Ornamental Stair Railing, Wine Cellar Gate or Wrought Iron Furniture – actually, all welded joints are finished with clean, smooth-to-touch finishing. We spend extra time in producing and finishing a very high-standard Decorative Iron. For any on-site welding, especially for Interior Stair Railings, we will use a special TIG welder. This welder does not drop sparks or burn surrounding areas during installation. On precise purpose, we choose the right welding machine for each project. If, in an unfinished house, we have to use a MIG welding machine, which gives off a lot of sparks, we will request that the floor be covered with hard cardboard.

We focus on producing and delivering a superior, second-to-none standard in this industry. High-quality work and professionalism are features we are proud of, as we are fully committed to turning your home into a showcase of beauty and warmth. Quality control is high on our check-list, every piece being thoroughly inspected before leaving the shop. Moreover, after installation, we will spend due time on inspecting the product closely, for any possibly hard-to-notice scratches and burns. We never spray any paint especially on the interior of a house; our touch ups are done with special brushes that will make the surface look as if it was sprayed. We are often asked whether we powder-coat. A couple of things to know about the effects of powder-coating: first, Ornamental Stair Railings will lose the textured look and feel of Wrought Iron; second, powder-coating cannot get between tight curved joints and that will cause a rust problem.

All in all, our high standards, outstanding quality and unbeatable craftsmanship enable us to fully guarantee all our work. Turning your dream into reality is our job and your satisfaction is our goal.