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With an industry experience of over 35 years, Sylvan has been delivering premium quality products to a wide range of customers across the Lower Mainland. With specialization in custom designing and manufacturing of a variety of Metal Driveway Gates, we take pride in our fine craftsmanship and consistent quality works. We ensure that all the products have a smooth-to-touch and smooth finish that is maintained through rigorous grinding and sealing of the welded joints. Also, we make use of industrial primer and paints on all wrought iron gates and other metal products to combat rusting and other damage possibilities.

Metal Driveway Gates: Why is it popular?

Driveway gates are a necessity in every residential or commercial building for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons behind installing these driveway gates is the security concern. Premium quality wrought iron gates are responsible for protecting your property from various external threats such as robbery, trespassing, uninvited vehicle parking, stray animals, etc. Not just that, driveway gates also facilitate vigilance to monitor people entering or leaving your premises.

Aesthetics is another major factor that has increased the popularity of Pedestrian and Metal Driveway Gates. Since the Driveway Gate is the first thing people notice while entering, it is preferred to have an attractive front gate that will elevate the appearance of your property. These driveway gates do not require heavy maintenance as they can be cleaned through regular washing and wiping drills. However, if you see little chips on the paint or rusting, industrial paint can be applied to fix it

Steel Driveway Gates
Metal Driveway Gates

Common types of Driveway Gates

One of the primary things to consider while planning to install or replace the driveway gate is the type of gate you want. Sylvan has wide-ranging options of Driveway Gates such as Steel Driveway Gates, Wrought Iron Gates, etc. The material type of the gate highly alters its design possibilities, size, maintenance, etc. The most common types of Driveway Gates that we make are Steel Gates, Wrought Iron Gates, Metal Gates, etc.

All of these driveways gate options can be customized as per your requirements to give a versatile look to your Driveway. Some of these gates offer great craftsmanship and detailing or maybe just a simple design. Whatever be your desire or design requirements, you can get a suitable Driveway Gate options here

Design variations of Driveway Gates

While the material type is more about the longevity and durability of the gates, design variation is solely for aesthetic purposes. We pay close attention to both of these aspects. A well-designed Metal Driveway Gate is more likely to increase your property value as it is the foremost thing that people notice while entering the premises. You can choose from a variety of designs, sizes, and colors. There are a few basic things included in the design part of a Driveway Gate i.e. the customizability, color, and shape. The driveway gates can be designed in varied architectural designs such as gothic or traditional western designs. Also, you can have custom gate designs such as distinctive logos or symbols being crafted in the gates.

Factors to consider while choosing Driveway gates

Driveway gates are one of the primary things that ensure the safety and protection of your property therefore need to be strong, durable, and appealing at the same time. Having a rusted or dull-colored front gate can hamper the value and appearance of the building.

While here you can find superior quality Driveway Gates, it is essential to figure out the ideal one for your place. Various factors like functionality, accessibility, and size determine the type of gate you need. Other safety and construction factors like gate opening style, material transparency, and sufficient area availability for the gates to open and close should be considered. Make sure to decide whether you want a manual or automatic electronic driveway along with the types of Pedestrian Gates.

Why choose Sylvan Custom Ironworks for Driveway Gates

Installing driveway and pedestrian gates should not be a DIY task as it requires professional knowledge and expertise. Our team of fine craftsmen and workers make use of modern equipment and techniques to ensure premium quality products. No compromise in quality and professionalism is our prime motto. We conduct an inspection of your driveway to evaluate the special requirements such as the size, area availability, etc. before suggesting the ideal Metal Driveway Gates. Customization is our specialty. Discuss any personalized design, size, or color requirements and we will have it done for you. All the final products are well installed and checked twice before handover. Get premium quality and custom-designed wrought iron gates from the Master Craftsman himself, SyIvan.