Driveway & Wrought Iron Gates

We pay close attention when producing Ornamental Driveway Gates, Wrought Iron Gates or just Iron Gates because most of the times, the frame is made of Steel HSS Tubing.


Most manufacturers think that a steel tube on an Iron Gate should be welded on its four sides, so water doesn’t get in; however, if so the oxygen is trapped inside the HSS frame and your prized Wrought Iron Gate or Driveway and Man Gates start rusting from inside and by the time you notice the rust, they are completely rusted out from the inside. With 35 years of experience in Rolling Steel and Steel Fabrication, I understand how to have the air circulating in these Iron Pedestrian Gates and that will keep your Gates lasting a lifetime. People tend to think that Wrought Iron Gates rust quickly. Yes, they will rust quickly if you allow someone who knows nothing about steel to fabricate an Iron Gate for you. For Wrought Iron Gates in Vancouver and especially for Iron Driveway Gates, we will use a wall thickness of a minimum 1/8’’ x 2’’x 2’’ or thicker, according to the size of the Gates.


Maintenance advice: maintaining your Steel Driveway and Wrought Iron Gates in Vancouver is quite simple. You need to wash off any dirt or moss build-up on your gates; if you see chips on the paint, a little sandpaper can be used to break the edges of the paint and the same Industrial Paint that was used on the Gates should be applied. When chips are left unattended for a long period of time, they will eventually start rusting, so it’s better to touch up before any rusting occurs. However, if you notice some rust, just use fine sandpaper and sand off the rusted area and, afterwards, use the same Industrial primer we have used; then, touch up with the same Industrial Paint. We guarantee our work in custom wrought iron gates, so if there is a problem with any Gates that we install we will be there promptly to fix it.


We use only high-quality hinges with grease nipples; moreover, with bigger Driveway and Man Gates, we will machine our own hinges, the same size as the tubing frame. This way, they acquire a clean look and the hinges won’t even be noticeable. Heavy Iron Pedestrian Gates should be greased once or twice a year, in the fall and in spring. We prime and paint all our Steel Gates at our shop, with the best industrial paints. We do not use powder-coating for our Custom Wrought Iron Gates because powder-coatings cannot get into tight V-joints when combining Wrought Iron Scroll Work and the end result is a rust problem. If, however, the Iron Gates are of a simple design, with straight bars, powder-coating can be a good choice. Before we send out any Steel Gates for powder-coating, we make sure that they are polished, with no loose scales, and wiped with an industrial cleaner.


We take pride in our craftsmanship and our work is our signature and advertisement. That is why Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc. has been successfully in business since 1993. We never compromise our product quality and fine craftsmanship to cut cost. We offer an unmatched, high-end Craftsmanship that will grace your home with beauty and warmth, as to give it the million-dollar look and feel.

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