Stair Railings

Curve Stair Railings are our specialty. We have made hundreds of Curve Stair Railings throughout Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and the USA. Whether you have a drawing/photo or one of our pictures from the Gallery, we will either create it for you or help you come up with a design.


When producing Wrought Iron Railings, every joint is hand-finished and filed to make the weld joint flawless and invisible. Sylvan’s Custom Ironworks Inc. is known for its unbeatable quality and artistic Black Smithing. All our scrolls are hand-made in the shop, so our designs do not look as though someone has just tried to stack and squeeze some of the shelf scrolls unto a railing. Every Ornamental Stair Railing is custom-made and all in-fill is made of solid steel, which is heated and worked – hence, the name Wrought Iron.


Any photo on any website may look great, but at Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc. photos still don’t do our craftsmanship justice. Proof stands in the fact that quite a few of our Ornamental Railings have been eligible for the Georgie Gold Awards for the past years. Our goal is to provide you with a high-end Wrought Iron Stair Railing or Hand Rail that will become a conversation piece among onlookers. We pride ourselves with providing you with a piece of work that will be second-to-none.

When we install your Stair Railings or Guard rails, every base plate is counter sunk, so the screws will fit flush and clean or, if so requested, we can fill the screws flush to the plate, to hide them. Moreover, all screws are painted the color of the railings; we never leave silver looking screws or of a different color on the Stair Railing. We will use paint of the color of your choice or even come up with a custom color. Some of our Wrought Iron Railings are just polished, to keep their natural look, and also sealed and painted with three coats of lacquer. We can also incorporate some ornaments in 24K Gold Plating, Nickel, Chrome or Brass. As well, we can do Faux Finishing on any Interior Railings.


Curve Stair Railing can be very tricky for inexperienced manufacturers, who would use very thin flat bars that are easy to bend by the doer, but that will also easily get distorted. We always use a heavier flat bar for the top and bottom of Ornamental Stair Railings, to ensure the preservation of their shape and radius.


A piece of friendly advice: When searching for a Railing Contractor for your Interior or Exterior Railings, choose someone who knows his trade. Ask questions like how the product will be protected from rusting or how the metal is prepared before painting. I always tell customers that when one looks for the lowest price, he/she will get what he/she has paid for. Our basic work takes 30% of the time, whereas the other 70% is invested in grinding, polishing and finishing, as to make sure every piece is smooth to the touch. Before we paint, we will check with our bare hands for any sharp or rough spots; then, the product is wiped with a special cleaning solution to remove dirt, grease or dust; only afterwards, the process of priming and painting with the best Industrial Paints will begin.

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