Wrought Iron Stair Railings: A practical & stylish choice!

Railings may not be the first thing you would think about while redesigning your property. However, it is one of the most important things that alter the aesthetics of the space. Irrespective of the positioning of the staircases, it continues to remain the focal point that grabs attention. We may not realize the visual impact that railings create in a setting, but they are capable of upgrading the design appeal of the space at length. Whether you are looking to install or redesign stair railings at your place, wrought iron railings are a popular choice that comes with a wide range of advantages and practicality.

The popularity of wrought iron stair railings

Functionality and design are two major reasons for the growing popularity of wrought iron stair railings. The primary purpose of metal railings is to ensure safety in residential and commercial areas with a drop. Railings are installed to prevent anything from falling off an elevated platform. These stair railings not only prevent accidents and falling but also gives an artistic look to stair design. When it comes to choosing stair railings, one cannot go wrong with wrought iron railings. At Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc., the wrought iron railings are manufactured while maintaining a smooth finish and flawless weld joints. The scrolls are hand-made with high-quality materials that ensure design exclusivity.

Stair Railings or Banisters? Are they different?

Stair railings, banisters, and balustrades are all common terms used interchangeably quite often. But are they really the same thing? Well, certainly not! While these are all essential components of a stair structure, they differ in terms of design and purposes. A stair banister is the standard fencing that connects the vertical poles of the stairs and offers hand support to the person going up and down. Simply put, these are mere handrails that are held onto while using the staircases. On the other hand, railings are the complete barrier installed in between the stair structure to block empty spaces. Metal railings come in different patterns and designs. Therefore, it’s best to decide the type of railings you want and have them custom-made.

Metal Railings: Unparalleled durability & versatility

Wrought iron stair railings are well-known for their high durability and versatility over the years. At Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc., we ensure that all the metal railings have in-fills made of solid steel which is then heated to form the desired wrought iron structures. With the right materials and craftsmanship, these wrought iron railings can last a lifetime. Apart from the quality and durability aspect, the versatility of wrought iron railings is incredible. No matter what your preference is, wrought iron railings can deliver. The versatility of the material coupled with our fine craftsmanship is sufficient to get you the most exclusive designed stair railings for your place. Have it installed indoors, outdoors, or wherever you wish to, these railings will complement your property effortlessly.

Why choose wrought iron stair railings?

While wrought iron stair railings might not be the cheapest option available in the market, they are certainly the best ones. Since wrought iron is a combination of iron and carbon, they form a strong alloy with high malleability. Hence, the material can be transformed into an innumerable array of designs to suit your requirements. Coming to the security aspect, nothing can beat wrought iron stair railings in this regard. It can not only withstand pressure but also offer stability to those around. The sheer strength of wrought iron has made it an ideal railing choice that minimizes the chances of accidents or falls.

Other reasons that make wrought iron an ideal choice include low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. These metal railings are properly sealed and checked for any sharp or rough edges before painting with premium quality industrial paints. Hence, you don’t have to worry about rusting or damaged railings. Basic cleaning is sufficient to ensure that the stair railings are in good condition and last longer. Getting custom-made metal railings for your property upgrades the aesthetics and security aspect at minimal maintenance costs. As a result, wrought iron railings prove to be more cost-effective than other railing options.

Wrought Iron Railings: Customizable & Affordable

One of the key features of wrought iron railings is high customizability which makes them suitable for a number of settings. Whether you are looking for stair railings or railings for decks, patios, or balconies, iron-wrought railings are the most affordable choice that can last years without any frequent repairs or replacements. While buying metal railings, it is important to note that quality works come with a price. You can’t expect to pay less and get the best quality products.

Hence, it is important to buy from a skilled and credible manufacturer like Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc. Our railing designs and craftsmanship have been recognized by reputable entities in the past which quite justifies the quality of our works. Get well-crafted stair railings at genuine prices that are exclusively designed and stand second to none.