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Elegant style, metal charm, and hanging crystal brilliance set our collection of candelabras apart. Being the perfect piece of home décor for every special occasion, our exclusive range of iron jeweled beauties is a thing of class and elegance.

Create a Sparkling Environment

Experience a dreamlike shimmering candlelight effect with our plethora of candle labras that are designed and crafted with high-end finishes. At Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc., we offer a stunning range of classic and modern candle stands and candle labra. Choosing an appropriate candle holder can help the candles stand upright as well as provide an exclusive visual appeal. Here at our store, you will find every candle stand ornate in style, providing ambient lighting and sculptural touches to jazz up your space.

Elevate the Aesthetic Value of Candles

We offer a wide range of modern and aesthetic design candle holders that go well with all kinds of home décor. Although you might be lighting candles at your home for ages, now it’s time to enhance the aesthetic value of the candles by providing them with a dazzling appearance. You can check our top-notch collection of candle holders and candle labras that are specifically designed keeping in mind – all decorative accessories should best suit the interior décor of your home or event. Our candelabras come in various shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, thus offering you multiple options to decorate your tables or other corners of your home.

Candle Stands are on the Rise

Although you might be familiar with the importance of a candle stand as a decorating piece, only a few of them can indeed put an impressive impression on your guests. The candle holders that create small pockets of warm light in a room are on the rise! Candle holders such as candle labra have become one of the most essential components of home décor and that’s why you can find them in almost every home in your neighborhood. So, if you also want your home or event to look instantly stunning, check our wide collection of candle stands!

Get Custom Made Candle Holders

Our primary goal is to provide you with premium quality candle holders that are hard to find anywhere else. Our candle stand collection represents a strong sense of design and a global market appeal. So, if you still haven’t connected with us then you are missing out on some intrigue and interesting centerpieces of home décor that can speak of your fine taste. Here at Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works Inc., we help our customers to personify their living experience with our exclusively designed candle labras, ironworks, and more.

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Shopping at our store means availing of top-quality candle holders with high-end finishes at the best prices! Regardless of whether you want a classic product or a vintage candle holder, we have them in stock, ready to ship to your preferred location. Our range of candelabras not only blends seamlessly with almost every theme and color but also provides a beautiful and attractive appeal that can create a memorable event.